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Astrological Jewelry
Bombay Jewelry Company 2014

Coral Pendant set in 22K
Coral Ring In 22K
Blue Sapphire - Dark to Sky Blue color
Blue Sapphire in Silver
Shades of Ruby
Blue Sapphire in 22K Setting
Emerald Pendant in 22K
Hessonite Garnet (Gomed) Dark to Lighter color
Hammered 22K Hess. Garnet,Amethys,Citrin rings
Yellow Sapphire in 22K setting
Coral Pendant in Silver
Ruby in Silver Ring
Yellow Sapphire - Flawed to Flawless
Yellow Sapphire

Available stones: Ruby, Pearls, Corals, Emerals, Yellow and Blue Sapphires, Diamonds, Hessonite Garnet, Garnet, Citrin, Turqois, Amethys and Topaz. Above rings and pendants were made for clients and serve as models.

Additional Items

For pricing and availability of the merchandise,  please visit the showroom. Thank you for your understanding.

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